Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wake-Up Device (Not Alarm Clock)

I was thinking today that our days are messed up from the very beginning. How do we wake up?! to an ALARM! Screaming at us! No wonder most of us wake up in a bad mood! So to change this is not even a function of making a better "alarm" clock, but making a device that will wake us up.

If I (ever) were allowed to wake up on my own- no kids, no alarms, good quantity and quality of sleep, I am sure that it would be the sun waking me up, the freshness of the day, the scent of my favorite food, wafting upstairs, the sound of bright birds on my window sill.

So, I think an ideal wake-me up device would include all of these. After a few days of training my mind to sub-consciously recognizing these things, I could wake up, refreshed and ready for the day, without the "Blaaa Blaaa Blaaa" of an alarm.

I will think more about this.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Idea Post #2: Guest Room in a Closet

I am not really sure how to photograph this idea, so here are a few photos from Linens N Things to kinda give you and idea. I came up with it as I was putting a queen size inflatable bed back in a closet, and putting the various pillows, sheets and blankets away that go with the bed. We didn't have anyone sleep over, the kids have just used the various pillows and sheets for something, so I washed everything, ironed everything and now it had to be put away.

In our old house we had a specific closet in the living room where we kept all the things necessary for guests to sleep over, so when we move to this house, we chose a closet to do the same thing. 
As I was putting it all away, I was thinking, "This is our Guest Room in a Closet," since we don't really have a guest room. My next thought was that I imagine that there are a lot of home ow
ners in the same situation. They like to have people over, but don't re
ally have a place to put them up, so out comes the inflatable bed, which has become super popular!

The Closet could contain an inflatable bed; a sheet, comforter, pillowcase set that you can buy "in a bag;" maybe a li
ttle case that can double as a night stand, which can keep various extras inside, like a nightlight and a little alarm clock.

These could be sold as a 'standard,' a 'deluxe' and a 'luxury' version, depending on the size of your closet and the amenities you would want to provide. You could also offer different colors and patterns.

This would make a lot of sense as a web-based business. Advertising could be placed in magazines and newspapers in places where people like to vacation, someone always has family coming to stay 
in places where people vacation!

Kind of a fun idea! I really like this one, may just have to look into it more myself. In the meantime, here it is, RUN with it!

Idea Post #1: Seed Packaging

Lame, I know, who thinks of seed packages?! Well, today I did. I was mixing a ZipFizz energy drink mix (been pulling  a lot of late nights lately) and I was thinking about how much I love the little plastic tubes the ZipFizz comes in. I am always trying to discover what would be a good item to put in them-besides the Zipfizz, of course!

I have been planting seeds lately, tomatoes and broccoli, trying to get my garden going, and I thought about the seed envelopes and how they get wet so easily, and once opened, they are difficult to keep the seed in, the seeds won't stay fresh etc. (I know that this is a big concern you have as well.) 

Today it immediately popped into my mind, that the Zipfizz tubes would be a perfect packaging for these seeds! 

This would probably be just a pitch to the seed companies. They are still easily mailed to customers, plus would give an additional level of service, besides looking cool!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Okay-This is why I started this!

I get tons of ideas. Business ideas, family ideas, activity ideas, ideas for paint colors for a house (the owners should have asked me first), you get the IDEA!

One of the reasons I have so many ideas is that my husband, Rafael and I own an advertising and marketing company (see and I read a lot of marketing books, branding books, design books and am constantly exposing myself to tons of fresh ideas. I am amazed at all the ideas that are out there and that people come up with! The sheer brilliance and inspiration of it all!

All the ideas I come up with are ideas that have never seen the "light of day" meaning that I have not shared them with anyone but my immediate-live in my house-family, before they are posted on my blog.

I want to share these. I have found that I can't take them all one, as much as I want to. I would need about a billion dollars in start-up capital and a staff of at least 20 people, just waiting for my next big idea. You get them straight off the burner. Now, some I may want to take back and freshen up a little, or post some new directions for, but by and large- they are good.

So, I can either call you up and say, "Here is a business idea, run with it," or I can post it here and have you call (or email) me!

I think that I can post them by title, but this will be a work in process to figure out the best way to handle it. Let me know if you have suggestions.

Lotsa love!